VetPartners strikes partnership with World Land Trust

VetPartners strikes partnership with World Land Trust

VETPARTNERS has pledged its support to an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most threatened habitats and species.

The European veterinary group is partnering with World Land Trust (WLT) to help fund the purchase and protection of threatened land to create nature reserves to protect both habitats and their wildlife, as well as fund the planting of trees.

VetPartners has pledged to support the organisation’s Buy an Acre and Plant a Tree programmes for at least five years as part of its commitment to becoming more environmentally friendly and developing the business in an efficient, ethical, sustainable and profitable way.

The money will be donated directly by VetPartners, rather than through the fundraising efforts of colleagues, although VetPartners will also match donations if colleagues decide to fundraise for WLT.

VetPartners will derive donations through sponsoring various team activities in three main ways – team building activities and fundraising challenges, completion of engagement and opinion surveys, and completion of research studies and reporting on routine activities to aid clinical research.

VetPartners has pledged a minimum annual donation of Euros 5,000 on behalf of our family of businesses in the Ireland, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Portugal. With the support of teams, VetPartners hopes it will be much more than that.

WLT does not own or manage any of the areas it helps to save outside of the UK as the land is always purchased, protected and managed by WLT’s local partner organisations who engage the support of their communities. Once land is under conservation management by WLT partners, options are investigated to restore deforested land and habitat, often by tree planting.

Dr Hannah James, VetPartners Head of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), said supporting WLT was a great way to unite all our teams across Europe behind a truly worthy international cause.

Hannah said: “This is a charity that our whole group can support because of the work they do. Our colleagues are passionate about habitat and animal conservation.

“We have seen how much they care about sustainability projects in practices and what we do in our own country affects sustainability all over the world, including wildlife habitats. These habitats are important from a climate change point of view and also because of the animals that live there.

“Protecting animals is a natural extension of the work we do in our practices, and it unites our company across Europe.

“We admire the work of WLT, including their way of working with local organisations which have conservation schemes to protect the land and animals. Although the areas we are helping to protect may be far away, they are vital for life on earth as these forests help to oxygenate the planet and regulate the climate.”

Working with partner organisations across the world, to date WLT has funded the planting of 2,457,900 trees and protected 2,409,420 acres.

It has supported the protection of forest habitats through projects in Africa, Asia and South and Central America, as well as the UK and Europe.

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